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Case Study, Wheels of Life Nov 25, 2023

Alex’s Architectural Symphony

Alex is a 35- years old architect. He navigates the intricacies of the seven wheels of life to create a harmonious and balanced journey.

1. Career/Work

Alex loves designing buildings and making plans as an architect. He spends much time working on his projects, ensuring every detail is exemplary. But Alex knows it’s essential to have a good balance in life. So, he decided to change when he worked. This way, he can still do a great job on his projects and have time for other essential things.

2. Financial:

Because Alex is an architect, the money he gets is connected to how well his projects go. He understands that having a good work balance is more than making money. It’s also about enjoying what he likes and having an excellent life. Alex sees his career not as a job but as a way to make money for what he wants. This way, his work is not about buildings; it’s about having a happy and comfortable life.

3. Health:

Alex knows that being an architect can sometimes be demanding. So, he decided to focus on staying healthy. He exercises, which means moving his body to remain strong. Alex also cares for his mind by concentrating on his thoughts and feelings. This way, when working on his architectural projects or spending time with family and friends, he can be his best self – healthy and happy. Taking care of himself helps Alex do well in his work and enjoy his personal life.

4. Family and Relationships:

Alex thinks having strong connections with family and friends is essential. These are the people he cares about a lot. They support him when he needs it, like a strong base for a building. This support improves everything in his life– his work and his personal life. So, Alex makes sure to spend time with his loved ones, creating a positive and helpful environment for himself.

5. Personal Development:

Alex doesn’t want to be good at designing buildings; he also wants to grow, So he decided to learn more, not only about architecture but also about other exciting things. Alex joined courses related to his work, and he also started doing hobbies that let him be creative in different ways. This learning and trying new things not only made him better at his job but also made his life more exciting and fun.

6. Recreation/Leisure:

Even though Alex loves his job, he knows taking breaks and doing things he enjoys is essential. So, when he’s not working on his architectural plans, he likes to do something that makes him happy, like sketching or attending art exhibitions. These moments of doing something for fun give him a break from work, fresh ideas, and inspiration for his projects.

7. Spirituality:

Alex doesn’t follow a specific religion but finds peace and meaning in quiet moments, especially in nature. When he takes time to think and connect with the world around him, it makes his life more prosperous. These moments of thinking about more profound things also influence how he designs buildings, giving them more meaning and purpose. For Alex, these moments of reflection are like having a guiding light in his life.

In Alex’s holistic journey, the interconnectedness of the wheels became evident. A fulfilling career affected his financial stability, creating health, leisure, and personal growth opportunities. Strong relationships provided emotional support, nurturing both his professional and personal development. The commitment to creativity and relaxation, in turn, enhanced both his architectural work and his well-being. The wheels of Alex’s life turned, creating a balanced and meaningful journey where each dimension complemented and enriched the others.

About author

Karuna Kaul is psycho socio clinical psychologist, who works with all age group people. Her profession motivates her to serve people who are facing behavioral issues. She has over 8 years of experience and has successfully established credibility in the areas of counselling and wellness. Assessment and behavioral analysis and training and coaching. She has been an active advocate of mental health awareness. And all her endeavors in the field are primarily focused on educating more and more people about Mental Health concerns and promoting Holistic Wellbeing. She has done master in clinical psychology PG Diploma in counselling and guidance and certified in drug addiction counselling Also she has done neuro medicine psychology from London University, Kent College of United Kingdom. With an experience of six years, she had worked with various organization which provides mental health services.