missing tile syndrome
Missing Tile Syndrome Nov 19, 2023

People frequently neglect to live their lives while achieving their ambitions. People fail to enjoy what they already have in their quest for more. Do you notice how everyone is chasing after different things as if there aren’t enough of anything? This issue is referred to as the missing tile syndrome in science, where you continue looking for that one tile despite the enormous wall built by your accomplishments. The missing tile syndrome phenomenon remains one of the biggest obstacles to happiness.

Let’s Dive Deeper into The Missing Tile Syndrome

You know, your own human nature is the biggest obstacle blocking you from living a happy life. Even though you may have a happy and blessed life, most of the times you still focus on the negative instead of the positive. Your mind attracts to “what is missing rather than what is present”.  For example, imagine that you are entring a newly designed room. Everything is marvellous, the interiors are intricate and lavish, the distinctive walls have beautiful paintings etched on it and they are reflecting in the Italian marble flooring. Your eyes are drawn upward by the furniture’s size and remarkable design. The astonishing ceiling, a mosaic work of art catches your attention.

But then you see, there is a missing tile on one of the corners of the ceiling, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but ignore the opulent room itself since your eyes are driven to that one missing tile. In reality, you’ve amplified the flaw and ignored the scores of other tiles that were expertly put in favour of this flaw. As a result, you have denied yourself the chance to appreciate something lovely and significant by allowing your attention to be distracted to the Missing Tile Syndrome.

This constant focus on what’s missing would undoubtedly feed feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, which often harm your health and well-being.

I am sure, you must be having a few questions running through your mind. Why does this happen? If something is wrong with your psyche? What is the reason behind it? So, let’s calm down your turmoil of questions first! You will know why even after putting your maximum strength towards looking beautiful, your mind dwells on the opposite side.

The Missing Tile Syndrome is a consequence of some psychological and sociological causes!

The Vicious Circle of Comparison

It’s simpler than ever to compare oneself to others in the world of social media. When we observe the success, wealth, or pleasure of another person, we become fixated on what we lack in comparison. The feeling of inadequacy is fueled by this ongoing comparison. 

Platonic Expectations 

Images of perfection are frequently presented to us by society: ideal bodies, higher designations, perfect relationships, etc. Seeing so much luxury around, you tend to feel lacking short of these lofty expectations, we start to feel that something important is missing from our lives.

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out 

The digital era has made us more anxious about losing out. We feel empty as we scroll through social media and observe friends and acquaintances leading seemingly ideal lives. And, this leaves us feeling incompetent and focusing on what we don’t have rather than what we have achieved so far!

But, how to overcome this condition. Well, treating the missing tile syndrome can be easy and complicated at the same time. With little or more help you can buck up and leave this fear behind. You just need to paint your life with the art of happiness. Unlike the missing tile syndrome blocking your way to happiness, the art of happiness takes you to the path of positivity. It encourages you to focus on the best parts of your life. 

It is a journey to embrace and accept the magnanimity of life. The art of happiness helps you to shift your mindset towards positive perspective. You will start to welcome the leniency, liberty, nobility, etc. 

How are you going to do it?

Possess Compassion

Fostering a habit of generosity and compassion is one of the best approaches for dealing with this syndrome. Every day, take a moment to reflect on your blessings, no matter how minor they may appear. By doing this, you can change your attention from what you lack to what you do have.

Try Being Aware and in the Moment 

Adopt mindfulness techniques to center your attention on the present. It can enable you to stop perpetually searching for what’s lacking and instead appreciate the beauty of your life as it is. With mindfulness, you can cherish the richness of each moment and become less intent on what’s missing. 

Healthy Use of Social Media 

Limit the amount of social media content you consume, or don’t get carried away by it. Keep in mind, that what people share online often serves as a highlight reel rather than a comprehensive account of their lives. You could mitigate the damaging effects of comparison and FOMO by using social media less frequently and with a critical eye.

So, say cheers to the new approach to life. Put your maximum starenth into welcoming life with everything it offers you. So what if you next door neighbour has renovated their house, you will get it done afterwards. 

Stay Calm and Stay in Charm. Life is Beautiful as it is!

About author

Karuna Kaul is psycho socio clinical psychologist, who works with all age group people. Her profession motivates her to serve people who are facing behavioral issues. She has over 8 years of experience and has successfully established credibility in the areas of counselling and wellness. Assessment and behavioral analysis and training and coaching. She has been an active advocate of mental health awareness. And all her endeavors in the field are primarily focused on educating more and more people about Mental Health concerns and promoting Holistic Wellbeing. She has done master in clinical psychology PG Diploma in counselling and guidance and certified in drug addiction counselling Also she has done neuro medicine psychology from London University, Kent College of United Kingdom. With an experience of six years, she had worked with various organization which provides mental health services.